We are a small team of professionals focused on goals and passionate about our mission.

We foster culture of ownership, openness and trust.

We offer remote work or on-site in our office in Wroclaw, Poland.

We use - OKRs to set and track our ambitious goals, - Agile and Scrum to accelerate our daily work, and - Continuous Performance Management - for tight feedback loops.

We are looking for people who share our core values and want to solve global health problems using advanced technologies and AI. We look to fulfil following roles:



  • Where is MX Labs located?

    MX Labs is registered in Tallinn, Estonia. We have a R&D Office in Wroclaw (Sky Tower).

  • Are you well founded?

    Yes! We just announced our latest $2.0M Seed round! We have international investors including Superhero Capital from Finland, SMOK VC from Poland and Verge HealthTech from Singapore.

  • Can I work remotely?

    We provide an opportunity to work 100% remotely in the CET time zone (Europe). We consider remote work as one of the important factors of autonomy.

  • What form of cooperation does MX Labs offer?

    At MX Labs we most often cooperate base on B2B agreements.

  • What's the interview process like? And how long it will take?

    Our interview process is 100% remote. The first step is an initial, short call, then an 1 hour long technical interview which might be leading to a small home assignment (which we pay for if it is approved) and finally another short general interview with Founder/s. Everything can take under 2 weeks.

  • What does the onboarding of a new team member look like?

    We know how important proper onboarding is. We have prepared a personalized approach for our employees, we explain the company's values from the beginning, provide the necessary information before the first day of work, and give access to our communication channels.

  • How can I send my CV?

    You can apply through our web-site forms (above) or by sending us an email to:

  • What is MX Labs culture?

    To invent cutting edge technologies and deliver exceptional products we work SMART. We foster a culture where everyone is heard and SUPPORTED. We TRUST each other by default, we’re honest and respectful. To be highly aligned we communicate openly and frequently, providing as much context as possible. We are CURIOUS to explore new opportunities and connect invisible dots. We have COURAGE to challenge the status quo and take risks to create breakthrough solutions.

  • How big is the team?

    There are 16 people on the team and we expect it to grow to around 20 by the end of 2022. We welcome on board only those for whom our company purpose is the main motivation to join us.

  • What is the rhythm of the company?

    We have Daily Meetings at 10:00 CET, Sprint Planning and Sprint Celebration Meetings every two weeks. We work using Scrum for planning, OKRs to set and track our goals and focus on the most important topics. We conduct One-On-One meetings with Continuous Performance Management to achieve tight and effective feedback loops.

  • How do we integrate teams remotely?

    We work together, both online and in person, anytime and from anywhere - at home, remotely or in our office in Wroclaw. We believe it is good to spend some time together in person therefore we have an off-sites every quarter.

  • What perks & benefits do you provide?

    We cover everything you need to work with the best comfort and efficiency. We provide unlimited, paid vacation time, private healthcare, work equipment and tools of your choice and competitive and fair salary depending on skills and experience.

  • Do you have an Employee Stock Option Plan?

    Yes! We want to reward those team members who contribute the most to the growth of MX Labs by providing them with company shares.